The "Made" in Pomade.

Jordan and Steve

When you look at the men's grooming industry it seems to mainly consist of brands with flashy names, products with weird colors and questionable ingredients you can't even begin to pronounce. At Dapperman we keep things simple. We go back to basics.

Our story begins in 2007, when our founder Steve made a pretty unusual discovery. The mystery item has its origin in an era where men and women dressed sharp. From buying groceries, going for a drink or to work, everyone always looked good. A time where we accomplished many great things, like the completion of the Empire State building, making sunglasses hip and "The Star Spangled Banner" officially becoming our national anthem. What Steve found 9 years ago laid the foundation for Dapperman: an original 1930s pomade formula.

The formula was free from chemicals, stuff that goes in cars and ingredients that require coding skills to decipher. With only naturally derived items on the list, we saw an incredible opportunity and decided to bring this pomade back to life. And so the Dapperman Gentleman's Pomade was born.

From the get go, we decided to create our products ourselves. We are craftsmen, we don't cut corners. We don't ship stuff with weird colors and fancy names from across the world. No, the Dapperman products are handcrafted in Southern California and besides what nature gives us, we put our hearts and souls into it. That's it. No mystery ingredients here.

You can probably guess by now that we truly love what we do. We love being part of a movement that turns their back on fake products, created by machines. A movement that celebrates natural ingredients and healthy lifestyles. We love making a product that helps you look good. Because that's where it all starts with, doesn't it? When you look good, you will feel good and you'll have the confidence to get that new job, start your own business or just do good for other people.

In our next blog posts, we will tell you more about our products individually and how to use them. Stay tuned dapper men and women.


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