NewSoaps for DappermanWhen it comes to brick soap, you want the best for your skin—a soap made with good for you, all natural ingredients. Soap that smells awesome and moisturizes effectively without any questionable ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Once again, we went back to basics to create the best handcrafted soap bricks money can buy. We made conscious choices so you experience the best craftsmanship, ingredients and results. Our three new brick soaps are formulated to meet all of your needs and then some yet made without any of the chemical garbage so many other brands rely on. We uphold the highest standards so that you can count on the highest quality products for you and your loved ones.

Each of these bricks are carefully made in small batches to produce great smelling, long lasting soap. Made with only organic & vegan ingredients containing absolutely no gluten, parabens or GMOs.

Our soap will make you feel good, smell good and be more confident every single day.

Our three new soap bricks will satisfy all of your needs:

Dapperman Organic Shampoo Brick for Head & Beard – Our Mint Tea Tree revitalizes and replenishes your skin, hair & beard. Specially formulated as shampoo, this brick lathers up great while providing killer volume with a fresh, minty scent. Our soap brick is also formulated as a shave lathe—go ahead scrub your hair, then use the brick to lather up your face and shave that 5 o’clock shadow, don’t forget that back fur while you’re at it.

Dapperman Organic Spiced Citrus Deodorizing Body Soap Brick is made with nourishing clove and coconut oils to create a frothy lather and refreshing citrus scent. Its frothy lather cleans and deodorizes like nothing else.

Dapperman Organic Bay Rum Body Soap Brick rejuvenates with an invigorating Caribbean Island scent that will energize and spice up your day.

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