Dapperman's beard guide


Has nature blessed you with the ability to grow a beard, but you never knew how to get started? Your worries are finally over.

We're not going to beat around the bush. Growing a beard is a commitment and you'll have to be patient. Unless you are one of the very lucky few, it will take most guys between 1,5 and 3 months to grow a beard. In the beginning, all you have to do is leave your beard alone. Easy peasy. So let's just throw those razors, clippers and trimmers out the window.

While on your quest towards the bearded man's life, make sure you keep your beard healthy and clean from the very beginning. Why? A healthy foundation, will definitely improve the look of your beard at a later stage. So applying our Egyptian Black Beard Oil should now become part of your morning routine. It will moisturize your skin and keep your facial hair healthy from the get go. Things might get itchy after a while, but just hang in there, this won't last. If it gets annoying, just apply an extra drop or two of beard oil, to moisturize your skin more and fight the itch.

When your beard is starting to get some length, get yourself a beard comb. When you comb your beard regularly, all hairs will grow in the same direction and your beard will look a lot better. Remember that clipper and trimmer you threw out the window? Well, it's time to dig them back up. You'll need these tools now to keep some wild hairs in check. But be careful and only trim what really has to go. Less is definitely more in this case.

At this stage, you 'll have to take the first steps in beard shaping. Enter the Dapperman beard balm. Just rub a small amount on your hands and apply in your beard, just like you would apply pomade on your hair. No matter how wild your beard can get, our balm will tame it.

The next step is all about skill and craftsmanship. Even if you're a hands-on type of guy, get some help from the expert: your barber. Because when you mess up now, it 'll look bad, fast. So let the pro's handle this one. Your barber will shape your beard, according to your features and your own personal style. He'll know if you're a King Leonidas from The 300 type of guy or more like Zach Galifianakis. Et voila, there it is! Your healthy, perfectly shaped beard.


Once you have your shape, it is important to manage your beard. If you want to grow it out more, use your clipper to keep the length of the hairs even or do some crowd control and keep your beard in check to keep the length you have.

Ready for your first bearded summer? Let's do this!

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