Dapperman Affiliate Program Basics

Easy To Promote

  1. You will be provided a unique url. Copy that url and paste into a message in any format you like. Use in Email, Facebook Post, Tweets, or Google Plus text
  2. For Instagram: Turn your unique link into a bitly short link, then post in your profile. When making reference to Dapperman products simply say “link in bio"
  3. Create Hyper links: For bloggers, you can also use your unique link as a hyperlink from text or photos
  4. YouTube: Do a product review and include your link in the video description
  5. Create product specific links. If you want to promote or talk about a specific product you can create a special link that will take people directly to that product instead of the home page. Example, how to promote Beard Oil specifically. Go to the Beard Oil page in Shop and copy the link. Then when you are on the Affiliate home page and longed in you will see on the left menu “Banners & Links”. Paste the Beard Oil Link into the “Create custom links below” and push Get Link. You can then use that link as a text based hyperlink or a hyperlink to a photo. You can also create a new Bitly link.
  6. If anyone clicks on your your links and makes a purchase in the next 30 days you will receive a commission. If anyone signs up as an affiliate then you get 5% of whatever they generate. The system automatically tracks people so you can see progress right away.

Offer The Can’t Refuse

  1. Dapperman will provide different Discount Codes from time to time to help you incentives new customers with a discount.
  2. We are currently offering 15% off for first time buyers

At Dapperman we embrace the positive role models, we respect the men who lead. Life is full of challenges, full of choices. At times, let Dapperman be your reminder to be a leader, to be a role model. At times, simply let Dapperman be an inspiration to be your best self and:

Look good > Feel good > Do good